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Webhoster is one.com in putting my website marcus-tik.cool online.

Producer, owner and operator of the website marcus-tik.cool is:

Name: Marcus Tik

Home: Hütteldorfer Strasse 257c / 2 / 6 A-1140 Vienna, Austria, European Union

Place of birth and date of birth: In Vienna, Austria on 7th of June 1974.

Citizenship: Austria - EU

Telephone: 0043 / 664 / 75 13 17 54

EMail: marcus.tik@gmail.com

Further Profiles on the Internet: "Marcus Tik" on: facebook.com, youtube.com, vimeo.com, twitter.com, whatsapp.com, linkedin.com, xing.com, soundcloud.com, mixcloud.com, bandsuche.at and friendseek.com

Tax Number: Currently I don't have one - this will come in the future - when I will earn money with it!

There is no company name - I don't found a company for this - everything is running over the private person Marcus Tik.

Court of justice is in Vienna, Austria, European Union.

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