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Your privacy on this website is already safe in that it is only a static website.

So there are no cookies to accept, no forms to fill out, no registration on the website, no Log-In into what ever... Sorry! Marcus Tik is not such a good web developer that he would be able to create a real modern dynamic website. Not now... Maybe in the future - no one knows...

One man alone can't do 10 jobs on his own - like beeing a EDM-Producer, EDM-DJ, video producer, software architect, web developer front end, a web developer back end, database administrator, web designer, tester, manager, secretary, legal expert, marketing and advertisment specialist and so forth. Ah' and I forgot: Translator in more than 200 spoken languages in the world! I'm sorry! Thats simply to much!

This is something a big corporation can do with thousands of employees but not Marcus Tik alone...

So please forgive me that my website is not the best in the world...

Everything has it's pros and cons: When the website is only static then you are safe from me and I am safe from you. Why? You are safe because no personal data is retrieved by the website and I am safe from you because such a static website is practically speaking: NOT HACKA-BLE! So to say: "undestroyable". This is mostly the case in technics that simpler systems are more secure and stable than complex systems!

So we know why this website ha sthe domain "" It is called ".cool" because Marcus has solved his problems in a simple, efficient, technically feasable and very economic way! :-)

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