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I think thats really funny how some musicians worry about copy protection of their music. Instead of setting it free on the Internet and to be happy if even one single user listens to it and it runs around the world they do everything to slow down the spreading of their music...

I read that there should be 50 million songs on "Apple Music" alone!!! And at 60 Million!!! So with only one song your chances for success are only 1 in 60 million!!!

In the Austrian lottery "6 aus 45" the chances of winning the jackpot are 1 to 6.5 million!!! So even playing lottery has a better chance of 1 : 6.5 million than making music with only 1:60 million!!!

Yes! That's exactly what we are talking about! Now - today - after 60 years of pop and rock history and nearly 40 years of electronic music (1982 - 2019 = 37 years!) there have been created so many good songs (tracks) that it is really very difficult today to succeed! The competition is astronomic!!!

So I am running a kind of double strategy with my music. The MP3 sound files are for free - so the music can spread freely around the world and the MP4 music video files are on only for earning money!

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