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Only inventor, creator, producer and owner of the website and all MP3 Files with it is Marcus Tik from Vienna, Austria, EU. There is absolutely no extraneous material here!!! Everything in here was created by myself!!! To a 100%!!!

You can do with the MP3 files here:
  • Download it free - at no cost and distribute it to anywhere.
  • Listen to it with what Tool anyway free and at no cost.
  • To copy it and spread it around in the whole world - on any media - to anyone - who ever for free. Sending it as email attachment, USB Stick, CD-ROM, DVD, Blue Ray Disc or what ever for free.
  • To play it in front of a publikums at a privater party or as a DJ in a discotheke, on a "House-Techno-Rave-Party" or in radio, tv or cinema for free.
But it is not allowed:
  • To state that this music is from someone other than Marcus Tik from Vienna, Austria, EU! This would be theft of intellectual property
  • To use it commercially - for exmaple put it in a MP4 video file for commerce - without my aproval! To get your aproval please send me an email to: I will answere soon. I think we can find a fair price. I am optimistic and flexible! ;-)

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